New from Meathead Films: Snow Gods

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New from Meathead Films: Snow Gods

Postby RossiSkier » Jul 13th, '06, 16:53

From The Rooster:

Hello Fellow Meatheads!

An update to you all has been a long time coming and then some. Our deepest apologies from the Headquarters, but after a long wet winter, there has been some crazy things going on this spring and summer. Here’s some news….

1. Despite the harsh winter (and a few skeptics), we are releasing a new movie, and it will be our most visually stimulating project to date. If you haven’t heard, our film will be called Snow Gods, and will premiere this October. It is our first movie filmed primarily in HDV (High Definition), and still includes our signature Super 8mm film (the old school grainy footage) and some ridiculous head-cam shots. Snow Gods will feature classic New England skiing Meathead style, with powder, park, bumps, and urban, as well as a trip to the Chic Chocs in Canada and the East’s first ever Superpark.

2. Our redesigned website is in progress, and should be launched by the end of July. New design, bigger and better features, new online store, and of course, the unveiling of our movie trailer for Snow Gods. Our email subscribers will be some of the first to know and preview our highly anticipated trailer (we’ve been getting hate-mails about it not being posted online yet - Booooo…. patience people, patience).

3. We couldn’t resist launching a page on It was mainly created for movie tour purposes, and to network for specific venues. Please check out this page at:
While our new website is in the works, stop by MySpace and sign up to be one of our friends, leave a message, check out some pics, and keep your eyes out for the posting of our Snow Gods trailer. Our MySpace page will pick up the pace once some more tour dates are solidified.

Enough with the numbering….
In addition to our release of Snow Gods, Meathead Films is psyched to have landed a deal with Stowe Mountain Resort to film, edit, and produce a Stowe Team Video. This short movie will showcase the talents of skiers and snowboarders (guys and gals) who absolutely rip, and represent Stowe Resort. We are stowked to be creating this project, and can’t wait for the DVD to reach the public through Stowe's promotional avenues.

Other exciting news is that Meathead Films has officially signed on with Ally Distribution, so Snow Gods will be all over the place, and you won’t have the excuse to say, “I couldn’t find it at my local ski shop.” We are amped to be an Ally “exclusive title” and have high hopes for our East Coast stoke spreading far and wide across the land. Check it out:

More info and exciting times ahead for us East Coast die hards. Many new articles and updates (with photos) will be posted with the launch of our new Meathead website, so keep a heads up for that. That’s about all for now. Hope everyone’s summer has been peachie, and that you’re already dreaming of this coming winter.


Christopher James
Meathead Films
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Postby b-5 » Jul 13th, '06, 21:21 ...

I wonder if this guys dads name is John Foster, if so I gave him his first pair of skis.
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