Democrat Infighting

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Democrat Infighting

Postby Bubba » Dec 28th, '16, 17:57

4 completely wrong post-election things Democrats are fighting about ... 58453.html

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Re: Democrat Infighting

Postby freeski » Dec 28th, '16, 21:46

from article: "Most of all, they like that he pisses off people they don't like." Good point especially the way Trump talked about immigrants and jobs.

Also: "But the evidence that a majority of Americans are eager to pay higher taxes, and give up their employer-provided health insurance, in exchange for a European-style welfare state is nonexistent." Yep.

In looking at why Cankle lost no mention of a lazy Cankle. She would disappear for a week under the guise she was preparing for a debate and try to twist it into, Trump just wings the debates and he'll do the same as POTUS. The truth is she was just lazy. She's kicking herself for not campaigning in states she should have won and lost by a narrow margin. Trump worked his a$$ off the last month. People will be looking at this election for a long time.
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