NFC playoffs

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Re: NFC playoffs

Postby Dickc » Jan 20th, '15, 18:45

Atomic1 wrote:
SnoBrdr wrote:
madhatter wrote:
Atomic1 wrote:The Giants are not in this Super Bowl thus the Patriots have a chance at winning !
did the giants even field a team this past season?

He's just living in the past as that's basically what they have to do with ANY NY sports team.

The EE needs to get back on the roids/PED train or they won't win in the near future.

Altho they do have their star player, A-Roid, back this year, so all should go smoothly.

Yep the Yankees SUCK but can we stay with football here ? Being that " the past " was two of the GREATEST games in Super Bowl history I'm just belaboring the point to a fault , but it still remains fact , " the Patsies " have a better chance at winning because the Giants aren't in it ! :beat

Actually with THIS years Giants team, the Pats could win with their second strings in.
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Re: NFC playoffs

Postby brownman » Jan 10th, '18, 10:31

Interesting .. 3 years later .. no end in sight to the Giant futility. :lol:

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